Pea Shoots

I wake up every morning and the first thing I normally see is my dog. Normally she’s perched on her little chair staring me down, but sometimes she’s doing funny things. Like sleeping on my bed… in this position

Seriously, how can you not wake up laughing?

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I found pea shoots at the local market and I loved them. I went back this weekend to purchase some more, because I was so enamored with the flavor, but I had no such luck. Regardless, the first go around with the pea shoots was simple preparation.

After rinsing the shoots, I tossed them with just a bit of sesame oil and garlic over high heat. Just as the shoots wilted, I’d add them to my meal. The flavor is similar to spinach, but it’s heartier and has a bit more crunch. I loved the simple prep and the fresh flavor. So, if you do see pea shoots – I highly recommend them!


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