Turning the Other Cheek…

A year or so ago, I made the promise to let go of all the people and things that hurt me. Life is so short and so precious that you can’t let these things get to you. So I wonder… is it worth it to turn the cheek with a close friend? Or is it better to just let them go and move on? If it were anyone else, I’d just let them go. I have a great friend, Kara, and she is my voice of reason in this matter. She told me to give this friend the benefit of the doubt and let bygones be bygones. So… I’ve decided to let it go.

Anyway… at the same time I was preoccupied with thoughts of tangles of pasta and meat sauce… I followed Whipped’s recipe for Pasticcio to a T. I found that my noodles absorbed quite a bit of liquid. So the only changes I would make are to use 28 oz of tomato sauce to help keep the dish a bit more moist.


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