On Being Alone

Being alone doesn’t bother me. I don’t often feel lonely since I keep myself pretty well occupied. Plus, I have a little fuzzy monster of a doggie to keep me company. 

But sometimes, it gets to me. Like today. Reading week for finals starts in the next couple of days, and this is the time of year when everyone starts to hibernate in the library and study their asses off. I recently got into a bit of an argument with a friend, so my one friend outside of law school and I aren’t talking… you know what happens to people that only talk to law school people?!?! We get all crazy and weird. 

I’ve been feeling less and less happy because it’s the end of the school year and I’m not prepared and to add insult to injury…. I’ve hit a wall with running. I’m just not feeling it. My joints hurt, my feet are bothering me, my new shoes are weird…. my music sounds funny, my watch is beeping too loudly. I don’t know. I’m just not HERE. 

So yesterday, in attempt to smooth all these frizzies in my life and my mind away I went grocery store shopping. I wanted to buy little oranges (I bought them a couple weeks ago) but they were out! Anyway, I came back with a huge haul of fruit and vegetables and spent most of the evening roasting mushrooms and slicing fruits and vegetables. I felt better.

My new thing, as the weather gets warmer and warmer, is salad. And you want to know something funny? Until recently I have always eschewed salad for a burger or pizza or something equally frat-boyish. I just don’t find salad particularly entertaining. However, I recently discovered that I like goat cheese. In fact, I more than like it. My new feelings toward goat cheese are similar to my feelings about butter. I LOVE IT and eat it with a spoon. Did anyone else do this as a child? Eat butter by the stick? Because I definitely did. I used to slice little pieces off the sticks in the fridge and let them melt in my mouth. Sometimes I’d sprinkle sugar on the butter before eating it. Once I figured out how to make toast, I used to melt butter and dip my toasted bread in it before re-toasting the bread. 

Anyway – we’re in a bit of limbo so my salad is just a little too cold for this weather. I’ve been generously dousing my salad with goat cheese and creamy dressing and adding piping hot circles of roasted sweet potato on the side. It’s the perfect meal for half warm half cold weather as spring/summer swirls in. 



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