Oh Puppy

I just removed a tick from my dog’s ear. I’ve had Boo for over 4 years now, but I’m still horrified whenever I see one of those slimy little bugs. This time, I used tweezers, but I think I nicked a little bit of my dog’s ear in the process of yanking the bugger out. Ugh. It’s so gross.

So gross. 


I flushed the bug down the sink, but now I think I should have burned it alive as punishment for biting my doggie’s ear. Gross. So Gross.

Today has been an epic day of bugs. I woke up with a giant something weird thing crawling on the floor. Then there was this disgusting hairy spider on my car, so I had to get out of the passenger door and swat at it in the middle of a parking lot like a deranged person. Then there was so hideous looking bug on the back deck… and then the tick.

So. SO. Gross. 


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