Sunday Seven

Yeah… I have one picture from this week, which is not to say I didn’t have a good week. It’s just been a little less dominated by me squinting behind my camera (or iPhone as it were).

  1. Friendships that, despite their oddity, make you a happy person.
  2. Flu shots, because even though it knocked me on my ass for 3 days, I feel a little less crazy about staying away from people while I study. Less crazy is always good.
  3. Roasted vegetables, because they are delicious, easy, and healthy
  4. Finally getting into the groove of things for studying
  5. Beautiful days… because looking outside while I study helps cheer me up. It’s just so crisp and clear out!
  6. Pizza. No seriously… there is this place near by that I have been going to eat pizza since I was a child. It makes my day. I don’t go frequently, but it’s one of those things that just makes everything a little better. Nostalgia, perhaps.
  7. Running. Running and running. It’s always on my list, but especially today because I went for a run and everything was good. No pain, no discomfort. Just plain good running.



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