The Cold Brew Cacophony

For the past few years I’ve seen an increasingly large number of food posts harking the benefits of cold brewed coffee. The smoothness, the ease, the deliciousness… and you what to know what?


I don’t drink coffee much. In fact, I made it through 3 years of boring, coma-inducing law lectures and I didn’t drink more than half a dozen cups. However, I can tell you what delicious coffee tastes like and it is NOT cold brewed.

Still, as a child of science (so many, many scientists in my family) I went about a quest for cold brew coffee this week. My kitchen counter was scattered with pitchers to soak ground coffee, coffee grounds, bags of good coffee, and filters. I made 3 batches of cold brew. Each, less satisfying than the last. I even froze coffee ice cubes to stir in so that no extra water would dilute my brew… and still. Nothing that knocked my socks off. The rich notes of caramel, dark chocolate, and that distinctly coffee flavor were just not present in my cold brews. I ended up with weak representations of coffee and  nearly an entire bag of coffee gone for a few tepid sips of light caramel coffee. And… before you tell me I need to use more beans,  I will tell you I did my research and I went about my cold brew in a methodical manner, and I am just not impressed.

So. This is my little discordant shout about cold brewed coffee… It’s just not all it’s cracked out to be.

I will tell you that my favorite method for good, strong, and delicious cold coffee is to French Press your favorite darkly roasted beans. Put it in a glass pitcher and chill it overnight. In the morning, pour out the amount you desire and shake it with cream (or milk, or condensed milk!) and enjoy. It’s the best way to get the darkly caramel-y coffee that is chilled and delicious. Throw some ice cubes in there on truly hot days.

One thought on “The Cold Brew Cacophony

  1. You need to try Chameleon Cold Brew. They make the best cold brew I’ve ever tasted. That one does hold up to the claims of smooth and tasty. 🙂

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